TRINITY INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Sector – 9, Dwarka Institutional Area, New Delhi-75 PRINCIPLESOFEDITING The principles of Good News Editing are: • Accuracy, • Attribution, • Balance and Fairness, • Brevity, • Clarity, • Readability, • Human interest, and • … Types of Leads 1.7 Techniques of Re-Writing 1.8 News Agency The ideal principle, which governs editing, is: ‘never overestimate the public’s knowledge and never underestimate the public’s intelligence’. Editing that works: principles and resources for editing for the web You've got your content, you've got your graphic design. Journalism Reporting (2005). Journalists cannot always guarantee ‘truth’, but getting the facts right is the cardinal principle of journalism. x��Z[o�6~���G{1ֈukY$�I��v��b�}�e9v�c��t��/�!�!)KI�(��$^�s��!��������������[q������RE�_֗R��? The content isn't … The Journalism program is designed to train students in the writing, reporting and critical thinking skills required for jobs in the news media or for transfer to a journalism program at a four-year institution. ���ْƐI�,�e��H�n�I��H���A��4�:$� ,ոtm�pũ�4[�;�~��a���ה���{e�j�7�P�XHh�R㣟��E���̫���u��xa���c��!�GJ�>rdt!�P��ئ�;�k�?��v ��T��x�";.U�������TE���Ddy^^�Ғk�`=�yej`��;�]+��[Ң0K�ӂ��)��da^HgHΘ�@��s�OӜ�:^�:�� _�^X��ˢ4O.Ӝ�w�R1��.Y��u��QO��%+dC=s]C���K���q�=�J4� �t�g�{��,[j]��_3:��;�:�✸&1�ؖ4�`m���G,�H���[�i�����8myV��ə��ĭLY@4�}�C~�pY)�;���2��~��Y>��Ԩd�h@�&8�p��˔БU vݜPk�@uc�~�{��2�Y�ʎ�h�!y\p��D��X�8x�W(��8@� In Broadcast Journalism you will explore the reporter's role in factual production across broadcast and electronic media. We should always strive for accuracy, give all the relevant facts we have and ensure that they have been checked. Five Major News Editing Principles 1. editing fiction, Editing Montage and promo. Skills and principles of editing copy in various professions, including journalism, publishing, and academia. As in science, in journalism it is also important to be objective, critical, autonomous and progressive. <> %���� However, the impact can quickly be turned from a positive to a negative, thus losing public trust These include selection, cropping, enhancing and sizing. Offline, Online editing, A/B roll editing. The number of ways journalism can impact society and the lives of people around the word is infinite. First and foremost, this is your writing. In August 2006, Poynter gathered a team of online journalists from across the country to discuss the issues surrounding their work. The Journalism Studies interest group of the International Communication Association, formed as recently as 2004 with 50 initial members, at this writing is one of the largest, fastest growing. TRINITY INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Sector – 9, Dwarka Institutional Area, New Delhi-75 OBJECTIVES OF EDITING  To present an item or piece in a summarised or concise forms  To enhance the clarity of item. Journalism is an exciting, demanding career. ^���a��p��(���Y��>�ai_���AS0M�7���_��]h��%F*qNJ^\rkZ)�P�uK��+�֖%�^iZE���}�eh�5�P��ߥ/� �� Main Stream, New Wave cinema and Non Fiction Cinema in India. 6. Non-linear editing , Linear versus non-linear editing/Digital versus Analog Editing, Editing Software, Process on NLE, Visual Effects--- Dissolve, Wipe, Fade in/out etc. These, however, are important details that separate a polished publication from a 3 0 obj In a news organization, editing plays a vital role. stream Topics covered will include research for audio visual media, writing for radio, television and the This isn’t my manuscript. %PDF-1.5 ���V,�H�x�A�'���#�n1�x�����DWn�FInW�3QS;"F�������-�V���`��". (���|z�j�46f�ƈY��Y�$e�=vW��,����ܠ���µ�F-3���r�+���ȹ�� U[B����mϢy�E���&��m�DZ�J�ȶa�;|`�b��GܶB �G���fCcPO�a BY�Z����[�zhwKx���]�먥��q�!��h��G��3�����߻�{E��"�g����=��_�B�������y-���#u;���B�F�1�!�ΟYD�s$�ޒ31����8����z�5[�\]'-�g2ʰi�#?�D�j�:NS6��(+Cl�I�� #+��: p5vt����'U�պ!��� �3&���U8�{M4�/��-Lޱ� �FݱYA�fG�{_u(2���rk����T`:n@APͷ{��y��,��[Vl��k$"j�� ����! News interview: The purpose is to gather information to explain an idea event or situation in … Replace "to be" verbs (is, was, were, etc.) We needs researchers in the travel and hospitality industry. The ethical code of journalism is much the same as the ethical code of science. 1 0 obj Seema Sharma, Anmol Publications, New Delhi 5. News Coverage Reporting and Editing (2010). and most broadly international ICA divisions with over 500 members as of mid-2008. �33������ ˕�!��{�=�S�v ���*�†w+��̖��My�#ja �1��j�z$T^��.��H��2*��i�.���T��Kt_)��Fݒ�_HK�Q�}���})��o��7����%^\s7�p�ܻd7�PH��*oLsw��6ݵ�{��c�~������-��fwCo�v�K%%��b2��ĚF��e�\#e}���T�P�����y�כ�Boԛ/��.�1/�5�zpC)��]. Just like the alphabet itself, there is no journalism without these three fundamental principles. e�_�G��.�8W3�@�v��a��l���s�X�[�������Nts���m���?��c����E�Z?a��[�)��gݲ��+3A�'�c��wp�bs��]��o��ʬ��U�a�����w���Q�%����hۛ����Y����d� Auteur- Film Authorship with a special focus on  Satyajit Ray and Kurusawa. Editing is a vital part of the photojournalism process, and anyone who takes or works with pictures must know some of the basic principles and procedures. nine principles that form the foundation of ‘The Elements of Journalism’ and discussion by journalists about them will be a valuable text for students in basic writing and editing courses as well as in seminars that explore theories of 2 0 obj Basic Principles of News Writing This blog provides tips for writing news stories, including style and ethics pointers. Editing – Significance of editing, Paper editing, Editing principles, Proportion of shots, Rhythm and Pace in Editing. with strong active verbs.Often this entails making your statement in active rather than passive voice. Here are six editing principles I follow that help me find a good balance between polishing your writing and maintaining your authentic voice. Hence, the copy is polished and honed by a team of editors. Scripps, has been, at its core, a journalism company. BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for news - Duration: 14:46. India Phone:- +91-141-2400160-61, 2397906-07, Fax: 2395494, 2781158, Spotting Fake News and Misinformation in the Digital Age, Elate- Happiness Dialogue Series (Episode- 2). A news story is written by hurried reporters, and is rough-edged like raw diamond. Journalism Ethics Guidelines Introduction OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES Since its founding in 1878, our parent company, E.W. BBC Getin Recommended for you ... 5 Basic Principles of Video Editing - How To Edit Video - … Globalisation and Indian Cinema, Gurukul Marg, SFS, Mansarovar, Jaipur 302020, (Raj.) Film Form and Style, Introduction to Feminist Film Theory. Unit II: Non-linear editing , Linear versus non-linear editing/Digital versus Analog Editing, This course will examine journalism as an art, a craft and an occupation by looking at the evolution of American journalism, as … Emphasizes copy editing proofreading, and technical control of language, as well as the ethics involved in making editing  To increase the understanding or comprehension of the item. S{��X�!����(^�B��� endobj All good journalism requires editing – and that includes pictures. Crops, filters and editing tools — these are all expected tool functions of our photo apps. �@�$=h�"�t���3EF�)����#Z�C�MY��r �p� ��^����j���Y��Hk�� �t����� hc��xTU��4yG�6��{�G�`���k�~�4t�w��H�-t)��@�'˶(\ ׋�;�ޖO�2��d�d�d�d0ğ��^���(Bq�:�m M��R����A ��2w��˪�"h;����u�,l�H�u֚ �]Z�Vnj�~���T�&W���]�5���/�i���рO��M�i��Y\[נ�G�cS�1� �]�&�R��Ǥʣ*���o���)�**s��}XY:q@�boK���Y�d�d )�,�b)����D|�vy���O�����j��������/�L�̥���uo�S3/͓�o���V�y1;b����=��#�����^ ���O+U�?��ǵ���"U$�ބ��R�(MD�^^��ry!>}��۹v���H�J�En���8-����n�)�-c�N�����p���*��y�2�����8N&m�ܽJ�w�w��|�翥�f�7��Ɖ�����pz �7w�{��+��(o�l�(����G{�Cʏn���[.�*��Y����5����Q0�_U�/V8Y�гrVږa�o�rc�u]��*iLG��U�S �ޗy��+���R� When we cannot corroborate information we should say so. Covering everything from line, creative, and display editing, to photo cropping and layout, Principles of Editing is a hands-on/practical reference. <>>> Process of selecting and preparing media to convey information "Quarters of the news editor", one of a group of four photos in the 1900 brochure Seattle and the Orient, which was collectively captioned "The Seattle Daily Times—Editorial Department". ����I��Cx����G�;��&�m�?�؞z�q�����n��>Ҙw��`�z�%�/B-������D����9�ÁҰ�0�rKy8OP�\B�5X�W� Lr?$�&��7� 6Y"Zp���I��2{n���h1[�r���{f��d�""����o֓� endobj <> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4 0 obj 4 INDEX 203 Reporting & Editing -I 1-Principles Of Reporting 6-23 1.1 Principles of Reporting 1.2 Functions and Responsibilities 1.3 Writing News 1.4 Body 1.5 Lead 1.6. Editing is a stage of the writing process in which a writer or editor strives to improve a draft by correcting errors and making words and sentences clearer, more precise, and as effective as possible. News design incorporates principles of graphic design and is taught as part of journalism training in schools and colleges. An entire textbook could be written on this subject, and several have been, this site is just a simple overview that gives enough information for a new reporter, or even a more seasoned one, to improve their writing and other journalism skills.  To ensure coherence of thought in the news item. Establishing shots, Cutting Points, Cut to cut, Matched cut and jump cut, Maintaining Continuity in the direction of Action. �P$+[2Z���|���� �^�#�u9��+���,����%m��n=چ2�M���S#�N+���"(�rՄ�bGYOOS�������U��m;5�ZLbЋ��DZ����c�ڿdVy���/�bkf�AԈ��P~�ٗ(�ʝfD�hp�r¨[�t��|h�������x-k[� ��{ ;�N�p����@�&Y���ȪL0� -=�s'��L�Gj���8�~?��[8�k��&��������p,��$�Jb��ɔ �sI.��0ݜ/l=��5c~ԍ4����HQ���ٝ�hĉ��15�(i4��nmG:@�Y��Αu��b_�ș�MT^5�.޽n�\Ķ`��a��G�y��p,S�m��j!  To maintain consistency or continuity in the … ;ù����S�Yy>�He���-�m�uj3��1�/�x0.���j��v��G[���v��Ȃ'H�o=��'�q���۶�@�|��I�(O-bk��v��jz�W����������`��w:.BPk��c�����*� ����>tB?��w::۸WwZX.n���`z��ذ$�M��8��7@a2v�U��f��q���W&h�W��k��I$3;Z��`�l ��6����m�yњ]u���n匴C[�φ z�h��Mm�@�r�M�;�����1�F��j��+�q� ����C�>V$�4Q�B�^�+�]I�2�3��4Ji�_���Z;��e7Q'I$�נ��T�$��m'�2��S�09����}ő*�Lc��^.ͨ�43�U1��RY��6#��ɷG'�c�q,y"7.v�`�^��ٯG�hO&n�(Z�~7'G,k�uӜ:m� Copywriting & Editing Projects for $15 - $25. 4. Without these three pillars, the temple cannot stand. We need a passionate writer to help in fact finding and conveying words in clear, concise writing that is useful, practical and a The ethical code of progressivity refers to the principle that science and journalism should create new information. Depending on the level of editing, I may rewrite sentences or point out wordy passages. The obligation of our journalists and our journalism Editing – Significance of editing, Paper editing, Editing principles, Proportion of shots, Rhythm and Pace in Editing. endobj The process of editing involves adding, deleting, and rearranging words to cut the clutter and streamline overall structure. Support high-integrity, independent journalism … Shymali Bhattacharjee, Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi. News Editing… The editing process takes place in several steps and involves reading the same text several times, each time with a different focus. They're also known as the "ABCs" of journalism -- they're that basic. Editing involves more than making sure words are spelled correctly, language is used properly, punctuation is in the right places and spelling is accurate. Something still isn't quite right. Editing is done with specific motives of checking and improving the following: Punctuation, Spelling, Sentence Structure, Subject and Verb Agreement, Proper Word Use, Clarity, Point of View, Redundancies, Inconsistencies, Dialogue, Flow, and Format .

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