I have another furniture painting project to show that I did in my bedroom. The color of the primer should also be close to that of the paint, e.g., a light gray primer for a lilac door. Well, that is when the mirror came into my life as a “FIX”. I have an old hutch, and was thinking I could use the bottom of it for storage in an extra room after painting it, but as much as I like the high gloss I didn’t know if this project would be too much “high gloss”. A: A fresh coat of paint can hide minor imperfections on your front door, defend it against harsh outdoor elements, and boost curb appeal in a big way. Oil-based primers can be used with any paint. Hi Maire – The paint color on the doors and trim in the bedroom is Valspar Bistro White in a semi-gloss finish. Thanks for any input you can lend me. Water based gloss should be given adequate time to dry before more coasts are added. It is Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover. It’s also more reflective, which means it easily wipes clean, highlights carvings or other architectural flourishes on the door, and provides an attractive pop of shine in the entryway. Thank you for all of your info on DIY!!! Ahead, everything you need to know about picking the right paint and primer for your front door. I am not a fan of using oil-based paint, this is the only one I will ever use and I have only used it a few times. I've been top coating some panel doors with Brewers Albany super gloss water-based white. Diane, just stumbled upon this blog and glad I did! This paint is chemically different than the other 2 in our discussion in that it is a waterborne alkyd. Satin has a little bit of a gloss, and can be used in low-moisture bathrooms. The existing paint coat is peeling or flaking. Course, I’m very partial to chair caning materials and am always “cane spotting”! As far as brush cleaner to clean oil-based paint from the brush, I have always used Mineral Spirits, but any oil-based brush cleaner will be fine and then Dawn dish detergent after all the oil-paint is out of the brush. The periwinkle is so pretty–one of my favs! I sound like a free commercial–but with all the wonderful rips & projects you share, wanted to reciprocate with one I love. If you don’t prime in this situation, the latex will rub right off when it is dry. It is Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover. I DID NOT GET THIS INFO FROM THE STORE. It is thick and hard to spread the usual way, it just takes a little time to get adjusted. The Rustoleum brand is much easier to work with and dries fast. What color did you use on your door frame then ? Wow thank you so much for sharing this article. The LRV will be listed on the paint manufacturer’s website or on the paint chip, a card showing the range of colors available for a particular paint brand. To achieve the best possible finish with water based gloss, focus on one area at a time and move the brush in one direction rather than going back and forth to avoid disturbing recently applied wet paint. The Rustins Small Job Paint is a water-based paint. But if you’re painting over an existing oil-based paint coat with water-based paint coat, you must use bonding primer (e.g., KILZ Adhesion Bonding Primer, $41.67 for one gallon at Home Depot), a special primer formulated to stick to glossy surfaces like that of an oil-based paint coat. It is nice to hear that my blog is one of your faves. I like to see a high glossy shine around lights and windows. Use either synthetic or natural bristle brush. Still bright white, glassy, and cost half the price! Can you just wipe it all down with liquid sander or tsp or something and paint it with a fresh coat of paint? Painting a door with a brush or roller is the primary topic. If you told me to jump I’d jump…Lol. The paint I used on these is Valspar Bistro White. Four gloss levels: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matte. And don't worry, no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime. Do I have to prime if I use oil base. Vin. When you have a great paint brush, your painted finish will look like a pro did it. Eggshell Paint For A Flat Finish. You can also ensure a perfect color match by buying a white primer and having it custom-tinted at the paint store to match your chosen door paint color. Quick and easy to apply, non-drip gloss paint suitable for a variety of surfaces and projects. Thanks It really depends on what else is in the room. Sherwin-William ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd : available in semi-gloss and satin, it flows and to self-level for a pristine finish on wood trim, cabinets, and doors. Water-based paint can produce a good finish and minimal brush marks, but not nearly as good as oil-based paint’s properties. The do not mix well! It’s really pretty and I’d like to use it on mine. But, if your warranty will allow it and your front door is shaded, you might still find the color’s positive impact on home resale value worth the risk. I painted it with glossy white paint. So look for a paint specifically labeled “mildew-resistant” or “mold-resistant,” especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or snow. I know you are a busy bee and I hate bothering you with my problem but I trust you. 33 Comments. Hi Diane, are there any pieces of furniture that you would not use a high gloss paint on? Make sure you sand the surface first. For me, temperature was a definite factor (too cold in garage) with the Glidden Door and Trim, couldn’t get a smooth finish. Do not apply oil-based paint over a layer of water-based paint. Required fields are marked *. It will add more interest to the room. Water vs. Oil. Thanks. Hi Kathy – The door and frame is Sherwin Williams Pure White. Both produce a high gloss sheen. If this is the case, you must know the base of the last layer of paint applied to the door. When it comes to choosing paint, I’m at a complete loss. (By contrast, interior paints can only tolerate light wear-and-tear.). Hi Diane, Do you recall the brand and name of the lavendar paint you used on the dresser in the photo above? How to Paint a Door with Gloss Enamel. It can be used on both interior and exterior wooden and metal surfaces like cabinets, drawers, doors, etc. The reason I bought it in the first place was because BHG asked me to find a way to hide the flat screen TV above the fireplace in my family room. It creates one amazing glass-like finish. Hi Sheryll – Behr is a great brand to use. We have it from end to end in our house and twin preschoolers. It’s an alkyd that comes in waterborne version & I LOVE it! You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. In fact, certain door manufacturers will even void your warranty if you apply black paint over it because the high heat absorption can warp it. The reason is that the oil-based formula creates a glass-like shine with zero brush strokes. That is when I became a fan of the paint. I don’t use brush cleaner, I use Dawn dish detergent or Dove Moisturizing hand soap to clean. Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint This one is an attractive paint choice for your wall, cabinet, trim, door, and ceiling surfaces. It is a great paint for using on an exterior front door. The higher the LRV, the more light the color reflects, and the less likely the paint finish is to fade with sun exposure. It is best used for smaller surfaces like trim, cabinets, widows etc. You want to cover an old oil-based paint coat with a water-based paint coat. Disclosure: BobVila.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If you don’t have a storm door, awning, or a shade tree in the entryway to protect your front door from continuous sunlight exposure, the onslaught of UV rays can eventually fade its paint color. Fine Paints of Europe or Diamond Vogel - Paint Forum - GardenWeb If you agree hybrid enamel paint is the best material for your kitchen cupboard painting project, we’ve rounded up some of the best products available on the market today. Everything looks amazing! Model #FG-WL RED FDK. Either a water-based primer (Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer, $22.47 for one gallon at Home Depot) or an oil-based exterior primer (e.g., KILZ Exterior Primer, $22.98 for one gallon at Home Depot) should suffice. What is the best paint for front doors? Painting TIP: You may think the brush doesn’t matter and you are saving money buying a “cheap” brush for your painting projects, but your painted finish will show brush marks and stray bristles will end up in the finish. I have modern copycat Eames chairs but the table is country style and I want to update it in a modern high gloss white paint to look more cohesive until I can buy a more modern one. The higher the gloss levels on paint's sheen, the more durable the paint. The downside is that gloss does not look good over large surfaces such as walls. XO I wrote an entire post about painting the dresser. On certain pieces where I want super high shine, I take the time to use it. You’re switching from a darker to a lighter paint color. But to get these entryway assets, you can’t slap on any old paint. It was from the Jonathan Adler collection they used to sell. It only took 20 years :-), I love this high gloss paint . Buy the best brush you can afford, clean it well after each use and you will have it for a long time saving you money in the long run. Now, when you ahve the correct water based interior gloss paint, move on to working out how to apply it. The downside of using it is that it is oil-based and takes a long time to dry. I love your dresser too. It will yellow over time. A primer-and-paint is sufficient if any of the following scenarios apply: A separate paint and primer are needed to improve paint adhesion if any the following apply: If a separate paint and primer are needed, be sure that the primer is labeled for exterior or interior/exterior use, too. JOHNSTONE’S ONE … As you stated there are too many layers of previous paint for you to get a smooth finish. Thank you so much! Water-based gloss paint may be increasing in popularity, however it can be difficult to apply. In 2018, the real estate database Zillow found that homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for $6,271 more than expected in its 2018 Paint Color Analysis of sold homes around the country. However before picking, check with the manufacturer of the doors whether they recommend water-based paint on it or not. I like your finished dresser & mirror so much! And color . Exterior paints labeled “fade-resistant” or “UV-resistant” are formulated with colorfast pigments and a higher volume of binders than ordinary paints that allow them to retain a crisp color despite prolonged exposure to intense sunlight. for pricing and availability. For a door made of pine, white fir, or another wood species that doesn’t bleed (i.e, gives off tinted compounds in wood called tannins), go with a water-based exterior paint (such as … The trim on the white doors to the right of the dresser have a semi-gloss finish. Even with that said, you will not be disappointed in the sheen of this paint. Water-Based Glossy White Paint. the w/b stuff will not yellow What is the best glossy white paint for painting furniture, interior doors, and trim? Fun little update with a bright impact Do you always have to sand and prime before painting baseboards and door trim? You can, however, paint water-based over oil-based paint. You’re painting over a stained wood door. In this video I'm looking at water based gloss paint and trying to get over my fear of it. I am glad I found your site. Benjamin Moore Advance Semi-Gloss: This is another outstanding, high-end product that can make trim and doors look like something straight out of Houzz or HGTV. Sorry, didn’t see the highlighted link to them, found it! They have a few different types: Clearcut, XL, and another one that I can’t think of the name. Learn how your comment data is processed. You’ll want to consider paint durability, sheen, color, and suitability for your door material. One is oil-based and the other latex. Hi Alexis – I just re-read your comment and realized you are going to use the oil-based Glidden paint. (They are not a blog sponsor; they just make the best paint brushes :-). Then paint. Look for an LRV of at least 55 to ensure that your painted door reflects a fair amount of sunlight and retains its color. Apr 20, 2017 - Super High gloss Paint. Several other questions and topics arise when determining painting a door like, best door finish, a door is primed, painting front door, gloss paint without marks, paint interior doors, how to paint paneled doors, also how to gloss paint a door using a roller. Many of you may have asked the question: How to paint a door with gloss enamel?By painting the door in sections will help you to produce a paint finish that is smooth and evenly coated. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It comes with great quality and durability. My other go-to gloss formula of paint is much easier to use. Both the rooms where I have used it get lots of light. It gets off quite a bit. It became the replacement for an old, pitted, and tarnished mirror that was part of the dresser in my bedroom. 99 Having different textures and sheens of one color are what make a room look visually more appealing and add interest. Milk Paint. I’m a college student with lots of hand-me-down furniture and so I’m excited to re-vamp it using the techniques you’ve shared! What would you use to paint a kitchen table in high gloss? But I am afraid to even try using it…… I can not get my baseboards smooth for anything…. It will look fabulous. I use Purdy brushes exclusively. Use water based gloss, eggshell and satin instead. Use a hand sanding block to go over the surface to smooth out any ridges or paint drips from a previous paint job. Repainted with the $9 can of Rust-Oleum white gloss enamel even though I hate the clean up. You are going for a dark colour (monument) so that works to your advantage somewhat. … For waterbased enamels, light colours with very little tint in them, it is the most dificult thign to get riight. The hinges might have a label that offers instructions on how to apply finishing to the door. googletag.defineSlot('/107373944/InMyOwnStyle_Native', [[300, 250], [500, 250], [500, 350]], 'div-gpt-ad-1414094061888-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); Remember when Better Homes & Gardens came to my house to take photos of my home for their Christmas Ideas magazine last year? Item #1414623. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INFO ON PAINTING. I use the XL to paint furniture and the Clearcut (Stiff) to paint trim around windows, ceilings and doors. Finish not great but by then I deemed it acceptable for picture ledges! More light coats will adhere better than one or two thick ones. I used it to paint the recessed lights in my house as well as the window trim. However, the Rust-Oleum 250 ml Universal Paint is our winner when it comes to the best gloss paint. The original rustic white finish on the mirror is nice, but didn’t add the contrast I was seeking. BUT the Glidden Trim and Door yellowed after just a few months. My other go-to gloss formula of paint is much easier to use. It is just the way my brain is wired. Q: I want to repaint my front door to cover up some old water stains. I used the oil-based option on the mirror. Tip: If you’re painting a surface that may have adhesion problems, or where the paint may bleed through, use an oil-based primer under a water-based paint for best results. When I am repainting with latex over latex, I simply clean the baseboards well with detergent, rinse, and dry. Copyright © 2021 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Today’s primer-and-paint combination formulas often cost half as much as separate primer and paint and provide equally good coverage in some scenarios. While it’s personal preference when choosing what type of paint base to use, either oil-based or water-based. I wanted a more bright and modern vibe. What colour, make of paint did you use for your doors and trim in the room? googletag.enableServices(); When painting large flat surfaces in gloss this is a good thing since many strokes of a paint brush are needed to cover the area. The XL brush will work, but you can also consider using the angled brush made for oil-based paints. I use Glidden Gripper to do this. I propped the new mirror right up against the old one. I got the Ultra Pure White. Hi – It is hard to find high very high gloss paint. In future do not use oil based paints. I have two favorite glossy white paints. The ceiling is Valspar right off the shelf white in flat. But, this paint has changed my mind–we are methodically (read: slowly) changing all our interior trim & baseboards. Don't Cut Corners on Paint Quality. 506. You’re painting a bare front door for the first time. Both dedicated exterior paint (used in addition to a separate primer, covered below) and exterior primer-and-paint-in-one products will do the job. Use a water-based high gloss paint, you can use it on all pieces of furniture and in any light. As you can see from the photo above, the white paint is very glossy and looks so nice against the flat grey-blue wall color. The builder of my house used all oil on the trim. The only thing to think about: If painting with a light color, don’t use oil-based paint if the room doesn’t get a lot of light. Either would work inside a window, I used the Glidden to do just that in my previous house. I wish I could replace them, but no money and my BF says I will tear up the wall if I try removing them (thinking I would soak scrape or whatever and then put them back on)…….. he says NO……… and I am a coward.