here is what i was speaking about make the most now at woe – and show the world how a real Sinx can be ! Int ; 1 * Berserk Potion: The Tool Dealers in Comodo and Lighthalzen sell these. Magic Strings will minimize the After Cast Delay. * All physical (non-skill based) attacks are reduced by 30%. how do you get sesame pastry? +1% Atk, +1% MAtk, +1% MaxHP, +1% MaxSP, - posted in Thief Class: so i was told a while ago assassins are more pve pvm than shadow chasers. im using = infil [1] Samurai spectre Does EDP wear off when dying or changing maps? take care ! STATS STR: 60~90 AGI: 90~99 VIT: 0~40 LUK: 60~80 SKILLS. . Put on your +HIT weapons. Assassin Cross: Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent Changes From: Assassin: Changes At: Juno: Number of Skills: 5 Total Skill Points: 69 Total Quest Skills: 2 Job Bonuses; STR: AGI: VIT: INT: DEX: LUK +9 +15 +3 +0 +10 +8 Overview; The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. [β]: Preveiw on builds Recommended for PvM, MvP and PvP:. The build relies on survivability by going more VIT than AGI! sure ur owned in that item.. can u tell me how i use card and weapon to make stronger soul breaker and sonic blow thx…. Konnichiwa. It was perfect in all sense cause you describre exactly For Critical SinX try using Morrigane’s Set. In this case, you should enchant deadly poison and fight using sonic blow. )orc skeleton card (get improve dodge and double attack). The guide will not use the endow slave until being a high level assassin cross, although it is useful as an assassin. How abt slotting Incatation, Phreeoni and 2 TG’s? lapit n ako mag 99.. konting tyaga n lng.. hahahaha! slot a thanatos, phreeoni and 2 TG’s ing spec jur… Recommended for PvM and Emperium Breaking:. [email protected]. Recommended for PvM, WoE and Emperium Breaking:. Where i should put the Doppelganger card. . This invulnerable status is forfeited as soon as they use an item, cast a skill, or move. Ok, so this is when you really “start thinking about your build”. Decreased by gear such as Feather Beret, Poo Poo Hat, Thara Frog card, Combat Knife, etc. Im not exactly sure how to build my character for killing mvps. Does NOT change your attack prop. [κ]: PvP * All skill based damage with the exception of Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field is reduced by 40%. But i think you can tell me the best stats of katar type SinX As a critical build, having a balanced stat is important, this is to enable you to have high damage, high crit chance, and high attack speed. . Decent base DEX and LUK. Oh and also try using Infitrator with dopple card. Vit ; 69 * All long-range attacks are reduced by 25%. Feilong Card •* Blade[4] – 4x Zipper Bear card (left hand) Assassin Cross also makes good use of critical attacks, as by wearing katar type weapons they get doubled critical rate. Red Mushrooms drop these at 0.5%. You`re the noob one LK. Therefore does NOT depend on your HIT and enemy’s FLEE. Though GX can do both PvM and PvP, I will only be covering PvM builds in this guide. Requires Assassin Spirit (Soul Linker buff). * All Hunter traps last 4 times as long in WoE. Accuracy rate is the final percentage the game calculates after counting in the player’s Hit Rate and Enemy’s Flee Rate. Will drinking the deadly poison bottle increase ASPD? Much thanks guys. There are other quests that reward you with experience, but I do not really recommend them as means of leveling at this point. Best Weapon = +10 Mes [3] (lvl4 weapon base damage 120), +10 Mes[3] A : 1TG,1Thanatos,1 Dop . also consider adding aliot garment card. The pirate Bandana comes slotless, so your gonna lose money making the slot XD, Good Guide im new to sinx ive it was woe yestrday and i broke a few emps useing +4 liberation ice pick i did it faster then some one useing a dammend ice pick why is this (its a 500x 500x 100x) server so dont go say what bull shit is that you haveing them weapons. Remember, it’s also based on ATK. just wanna ask +10 saber or +10 element sword for SD type sinX Luk ; 1, P/s ; Note that this may not the correct material or stats given for each different server…. First off, it’s important to have a look at this formula: It tells us Soul Destroyer damage is based on ATK, INT and an independent random damage value. Poporings (zombies too if you’re in payon dun 1). It can deal considerable damage on a single hit. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … thats why u suggest blade(4) in the left hand instead Saber(3) +1% SP Recovery Rate, +1% HP Recovery Rate. Recommended for PvP, PvM, MvP, WoE and Emperium Breaking. left hand weapon cards AFFECT right hand weapon. As for high novice, I suggest Culvert 1. Perfect Guide….. We can change the equipment depend on our needs now, cause the equipment always new and uploads from year to year. how about the build of sinx if it is a SOUL BREAKER TYPE? The original author is Seshon and permission to publish this guide has been given to from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. cheers – lets show the rest what sinx is capable off ! Str 120 / Dex 109 /, I think you should mention the pirate bandana as an opcion Katar Assassin Cross. If no, why all those demi-human damage boosts into the PvP builds? I love the guide. So, I am referring to the Critical Build you wrote earlier……the one with the high ASPD. SP bonus is decent and high HIT can be achieved by wearing specific gear or simply by having high DEX. Assassin Cross, also known as sinX, is the transcendent class for thieves who have followed the Assassin class path and made it to level 99. ----- Hybrid Perfect Dodge/Critical Assassin ----- A Hybrid assassin should now go to izlude to fight in bibiland dungeon level 2 until they reach the job level required to be an assassin. * Cactus Needle: Dropped by Mukas. . How come you don’t suggest vesper core 02′s? * 1st armor should be used when facing a lot of enemy :Make yourself a Priest. Please Answer MY questTIon^_^. Blacksmith/Whitesmith have natural resistance to fire and Crusaders/Paladins to Holy. thanks for the information. illegalKross here! Ahoy, ahoy! Break it. Much thanks guys. I'm planning on making my assassin cross a Meteor Assault & Sonic Blow build. Marcs and Tidals add resistance to water. Soul Destroyer Assassin Cross: This build deals the highest ranged damage at the cheapest cost - SP although has a 2.8 second cast-delay (reduced by Bragi's Poem). Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. The best places to hunt them are Sograt Desert 18 and Sograt Desert 06. •* Blade[4] – 4x Mummy or Howard Alt-Eisen card (left hand) Ragnarok Online Assassin Cross skill effect and description. In the assassin build, why not use both onlsaught and calculated strike Just charge up the onslaught and then use calculated strike, or it won't work together? (+30 LUK) Marionette Control. Critical Assassin Cross. Cost 20sp for Lv. weapon, or decreased if you use Fire prop. Evil Druid, Bathory and Argiope add resistance to shadow and poison. If your point not enough. Do Katar mastery and Advance Katar Mastery increase SD damage? <3. You can also Grimtooth lines of wizards. for all people who seeks for the best Ro* server- ! * Make sure you’ll keep your cranial valk equipped for the longest time possible, if you don’t have it on you might as well die faster than you could possibly pot. Thanks. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. Then why u put 4x Zipper Bear Card (Attk +30) in the blade(4) left hand? * Watch for the the element your opponent is using. and finally – wait for my next comment and its all about the complete equips set ! or You just hate sinXs aren`t you? (Certain news on Gravity update pointed out Venatus now can teleport thus making this method useless. Guillotine Cross (GX for short) is the third job of the Assassin class. it’s become a pretty popular woe garment for sinx in particular. Str 90 and Agi 90 for high DPS and stat bonus for Golden Angel Wing or Whisper Boss Card. * 3rd armor used when u stand infront of EMP For STR – 1, AGI – 17 Question, If I place the ice pick at the left hand will it’s attributes transfer to the right? See Assassin Builds for leveling strategies for just the Assassin Cross leveling stages. Equipped Weapon defines your playstyle in Albion (to a large extent, Skills gained from other Equipment pieces are the other defining factor, of course), so one might say that each of the available Weapons represents a specific "Class" or Archetype. use + 10 3 slotted mess ! DD is best emp break but with empty room, you should wear your cran valk and ice pick+orc skel/abys/TG, why would u wear valk..hob+thorny if ur going single dagger, For critical sinx, i think it would be better to use thief rings, gives you +10 atk, hit, flee and crit. It’s basically elementless. Lv.35~Job40: Lhz_fild01 (one map north from Lightalzen) or ein_fild07 (three maps south from Yuno). * Only brew when either a Priest or a Minstrel/Gypsy can assist so Karvonidailrols won’t be wasted. Never miss. in the woe mechanics strategy section i think it should be mentioned that flee gets a 20% reduction in woe so its not nearly as effective. Btw im playing the RO Mobilie EL, thanks in advance! Compound on : Accessory. * Wear the equipments above and get Blessing only after Marionette Control has been casted on the player to get the full DEX bonus. * If you’re using SD, you can use magnum break (marine sphere card in an accessory will grant you this skill) to push your enemy off pneuma. same with assumptio reduction and assassin spirit only giving 50% bonus damage instead of 100 in woe. Critical build: Uses katars as weapons in order to … Bring two different kinds of potions, lets say condensed white, royal jelly and alloe leaflet that’s 3 hotkeys for you to spam in order to pot up your HP really fast (: * If you are soloing, try sticking around an attacking guild (in cloaking, so they don’t see you) and wait until they invade the enemy’s defense line. )abysmal knight card ( emp is even mvp ). SA gives +50% “Hit”, the Hit actually being Accuracy rate. Build Str Str doesnt directly affect the damage but adds to the ATK. or should I lower down the dex to 30 and raise up the rest to str? Oh, by the way. An elite group of Assassins.The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. 1. Right and Left hand masteries do not affect damage. * Karvonidailrol: Only dropped by four monsters and at somewhat low rates. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Garment = +10 Valkyrja Manteau [ Raydric ], HeadGear = +10 Solar God Helm But, it still lacking 1 more information. :D, good job on tis guide 5/5 but would u consider vesper core 3 as an accessory for sonic blow build? . Does Kyrie block the physical part of SD? Means you might want to have high DEX or use a Phen Card. @BenztheGreat : Acescery both hv 2slot but don’t know put what card yet~ when I hit some player not in SD build my SD skill do almost 50k up, note* * Assassin Cross can help on the last defense line, standing by the emperium and using EDP + Sonic Blow on any enemy who approaches (this is specially recommended for guild leader Assassin Cross). * Don’t forget you’ll need Assassin Spirit in WoE too. Mob the Sandman and kill them using grimtooth (remember to have either a stun or a curse arrow equipped). A little help please… I have tested this myself. Lv. Feel free to use other cards if you prefer. See Assassin Builds for leveling strategies for just the Assassin Cross leveling stages. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. They spawn in large quantities at Sograt Desert 13. Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, PvP, WoE. . Will be blocked by pneuma anyway, though. i don’t understand the meaning.. coz i a newbie.. plzz reply my comment.. thx before…. 6~10. Flee Rate +10%. * SinX can move outside the defense line as soon the enemy storms in, in order to kill the more fragile classes, like wizards, who are generaly left behind during invasion. :If you have access to a stat resetter and a friend to help you out a little, then the fastest option for leveling would be have your friend tank you some Anubis while you use Yggdrasil leaf to kill them. If your status window Hit is 100, using Sonic Blow while having SA will not increase it to 150. It’s generally used in important situations such as WoE, MvP and decisive PvP. If you have an ice pick or a combat knife, however, this is not relevant enough to stop you from using them. i’m playing in a private server which the max is only 99 and job 70… also i can get the items easily… so its more likely for PVP purposes… i’m using a +10 infil [TG] and + 10 infil [inca]…. Good guide. Soul D is good for PvM, and long as you can kill in 1-2 hits, Sonic Blow build not bad at PvM, but cannot use skill as often as SD build (coz lower int). Assassin Cross/gx cross build for mvp and pvm? I using ice-pick[2] go in two LK card (atk+150) in right hand Combat knift have no slot in left hand does the DEX increase your Sonic Blow Damage or NOT?? Instead you should click and hold the mouse button. Enchant Deadly Poison and sneak through towards the emperium as soon as a path is open. Blessing. Overview. Best props to endow are, therefore, often Earth and Wind. to poison! pls tell me…. Fishing is one of the many activities players can partake in within Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but interested anglers will first need to build a Fishing Hut.This upgrade is accessible rather early on at settlement rank 2, and it will only cost you a mere 600 supplies and 45 raw materials to build. panu po pag EMP type yung saglit lng sau emp anu poh mga gamit at card. The Best Albion Online Builds Weapons and character Archetypes explained. VIT – 80, INT – 50 Mjolnir 07. Recommended Gear are the bio3 mobs still teleporting for grimtooth? It’s NOT neutral element. Will argiope armor pwn you? Agi ; 29 Job1 ~ Lv.20: Culvert 1 and 2. Cursed water so if you use Soul D and SB build, really depends on how you level it. (+10 DEX) Gloria. is player(our character) type=demi-human? Recommended for MvP, PvP and WoE:. :Assassin Cross plays an important role in War of Emperium, this is probably when the class shows your full potential:. [ζ]: Stats (+20 stats), Equipments: Apple of Archer (+3 DEX), Lucky Mantle (+2 LUK), Quad Dexterous Knife x2 (+8 DEX), Crystal Pumps (+5 LUK), Nimble Gloves x2 (+8 DEX). You can kill the enemy in just a blink of an eye! * Breaking time with Ice pick on the right hand and 2x Orc skeleton + 2x desert wolf is often around 3~6seconds, using EDP and Cursed Water. Save the Katar of Quaking you may get, you’ll need them later. Left hand or Right hand? can you tell me what kind of elemental card and racial card of corse?? So, please keep it in your mind when you’re answering this. A Guillotine Cross is the third job class of an Assassin/Assassin Cross.To attack enemies, they still wield two separate weapons (from Daggers to One Handed Swords) or Katars, but they gain access to new and improved ways of assassination.They can also gain access to new poisons, which other character classes have no known cures for them. Keep it in multiples of 10 to receive the bonus ATK. when I VS in SD build sinX I just hit them 2k damage…. This guide isn’t perfect but it has the main points on how Assassin Cross builds work. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord: Processing Time: 0.054 sec SQL Queries Used: 23 [θ]: Builds and Equipments Is it working if I put 4 Hydra cards on Main Gauche? * Always have stun arrows with you, they’ll provoke stun on the enemies when you grimtooth them. Top Headgear I use +5 Pirate Bandana [1] With Vanberk Str +1 Like Marionette Doll, but the Pirate Bandana has 3 of def, And man, 3 are 3 when is woe time, for katar I use +7 Doble Diligent Bloody Katar Raging Blaze [3] without link and without bless y get 2500 per hit and I think it’s not bad. Lv.20~Lv.35: Pyramids 1 or Payon Dungeon 1. nice Guide.. ehehehehe! Thanx for ur time. :This build uses the Soul Destroyer skill to deal great amount of damage on a single ranged blow. Money is a big factor in this build, even Jellopys are important. This means your damage against a fire monster will be increased if you use Water prop. im 99/70 soul breaker but i dont undertand this part, Str 250 int 250 dex,vit,agi all is 1 cos my armor , helm and some card hv gv me extra status so no problem in cast SD skill Headgear: Lord Kaho's Horn. Slave Soul Linker; Assassin Soul link provides +200% damage for the Sonic blow skill outside of WoE, +125% damage during WoE. Ant Eggs in Ant Hell 1 and Removers in Somatology Laboratory 1 are also viable options. They are a very versatile class, being able to solo instances, act as main or support DPS in parties, and even tank with the right gears and stats. * Get used to battlemode (/bm). You gonna need one to Buff and Warp yourself, leveling will be slow without one. how are u able to combine dd with sonic blow build? Assassin Cross best fit players with that: Like to be good on their own ; Like to do the killing ; Enjoy WoE; If you have these characteristics, it’s likely that sinX be the Ragnarok Online class that will best suit you.