It’s the show that might break the mold as this week Wes welcomes Jake Godbold, horror expert and agent of … The ScareFest is an annual Horror, Paranormal & Fandom Convention held every year at the Lexington Convention Center with several thousand local, out-of-state & international attendees. These must be a digital copy on DVD (minimum 1920×1080). is a very ambitious task for a single day’s visit, even with the extended opening hours. Unlike The Boiler House, Carnival of Screams has only the thinnest of plots. The ScareFest is one of the largest of its kind in the country, bridging the horror and paranormal with also over 50,000 followers on social media. • Best Special Effect. Scarefest Scream Park Haunted Attractions . The venue was amazing and convenient. Each winner will receive a statuette at our awards ceremony to be held on the final day of the event. We have been expanding the format of the show since day one, but have so much more we want to do. The ScareFest celebrates its 11th year as one of the largest Horror & Paranormal Conventions in the country. No one from PHFF or its sponsors has guaranteed you admission into the festival. Does this cost us a few booths? • Best Director United States. A great festival! With Rose Ashby, Jessica Borders, Arvin G. Borkar, Nic Brown. More or less it is a perfect mix of everything your heart loves about Halloween. You agree to hold PHFF and its sponsors harmless in any and all matters pertaining to the consents, licenses, and approvals of heretofore film/video project. Melissa served as an official film judge for the 2019 FEARnyc Horror Film Festival and 2017-2018 Women in Horror Film Festivals. The ScareFest is the nation's premier horror and paranormal convention, held in Lexington, KY every fall since 2008! October 23-25, 2020 in Lexington, KY From the team that brought you For the Love of the Force and For the Love of Sci-Fi comes a spinechilling new event - For the Love of Horror. • Premiere status will be preferred and will be a factor in inclusion decision. Carnival of Screams is the only all-new horror maze at Scarefest 2010, replacing the much-loved Field of 1000 Screams. • The 1st ever ScareFest Bluegrass Abomination Award: The film submission that by panel decision is the most innovative and creative; the winning submission will be based off story, directing, visual effects & emody the indie horror film genre. Excellent communication throughout and the festival has a good social media presence. ScareFest is not just a convention….It is a Thrill Seeking Quest The official opening to ScareFest on Friday will start out with a grand Red Carpet arrival of the celebrities. Please contact us for mail submissions. Well worth submitting to. • Best Actor & Actress We Miss You! It's an honor to be accepted anywhere, and no one from our team was able to attend the screening...but...we had little help. All submissions are final. That’s why you see so many celebrities return to Lexington – often every couple of years – they love you and they love us. In any other year, you would all–right now, as we write this–be gathered in Freeland Hall at Montreat. What may surprise you is that we actually listen! The ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention - 119 Followers, 5 Following, 532 pins | The ScareFest is the nation's largest horror and paranormal convention. Then, … Founded back in 2008 -although obviously smaller than it is now – it was designed to bring together all things scary and weird into one fun event that the whole family could enjoy. The ScareFest Film Festival is a 4-day celebration of the macabre and all things horror. Every year we host celebrities, of the small and large screens, from the horror and paranormal world as well as local artists, businesses and entertainers. I can’t say US is a masterpiece. Scarefest Radio & Television is a well established brand operating as the lead promotional tool for The Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention. The girls from Love Island had a great time at the Scarefest 2017 preview. No matter who we book for the expo, our ultimate goal is to bring you, the fan, a unique and memorable weekend! It just played. They attempted to stream these films from a router everyone knows is always bogged down, instead of pre-downloading these films to an external hard drive. The Scarefest is first and foremost a Horror and Paranormal Fandom convention. A: Our name is Scarefest Scream Park and we are a haunted attraction so we like to scare. Few places are more chilling than the Isla de las Muñecas(Picture: Alamy Stock Photo) And I’m not alone in my love of fear. October 25, 2020 October 25, 2020 Minion Tale, Updates. The ScareFest is one of the largest of its kind in the country, bridging the horror and paranormal with also over 50,000 followers on social media. Horror Convention. Last year, Scarefest attracted upward of 12,000 visitors seeking a three-day weekend of seminars, shows, video and board games, psychic readers, “intuitive healers … reminds me of a book i now own called: the ultimate werewolf "it was a 1941 film, that is impetus for the book you now hold. Should your film be accepted to PHFF, you grant PHFF the right to use any footage from the preview screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials pertaining to this entry for PHFF's promotional non-commercial purposes, without limitations. When the gates of Scarefest Scream Park open you can see the monsters huddled in a mass of horror and hysteria, before they are set free. All film submissions chosen will automatically receive free VIP passes for the weekend which will gain you early entrance to meet your favorite celebrities & browse our exhibitor halls. Hope to attend one day in person, looks incredible. 24K likes. I tried inquiring about details of the screening so as to possibly make arrangements to attend. There are many different activities available to choose from at the park and every person has a different threshold of fear so each person’s experience is unique. Zero communication from anyone at the festival outside notification of acceptance and details surrounding format needs and remission. In place of zombies, it uses another staple of horror films - demented clowns. I’m a Scarefest newbie attending the annual Horror/Paranormal Convention in Lexington, Kentucky, September 12-14 for the first time. We also offer discounted booths to our entries so you can sale merchandise & actively promote your film to our thousands of attendees as they pass by. The Scarefest is first and foremost a Horror and Paranormal Fandom convention. We have a variety of standard entry tickets available, these range from single day to weekend tickets and are available for adults, children aged 5-9 and infants aged 1-4. • Films that are not available to the public will be a factor in inclusion decision. For The Love Of Horror is a fantastic concept brought to you by Andy Kleek and the Monopoly Events team which crosses a scare attraction with a fan convention. Main Prize Winners will be invited to be guests on ScareFest Radio, our weekly podcast. After a hugely successful launch event in 2018, we came back bigger and better in 2019, as we represented some of the most iconic horror films and franchises of all time to you the public. Freak Out is a classic Screamfest attraction and the one that comes to … However, as they have acknowledged, there were severe problems with displaying the films. We work very hard to create an environment where you can meet your favorite celebrity in a fun and friendly, entertaining environment. Comedy horror, documentary, dark sci-fi… if it’s got blood and guts or will keep you on the edge of your seat then we want to showcase your work! A quick walkthrough of the Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention at the Lexington Center in Lexington, KY. September 11-13, 2009. SCAREFEST: Val Lewton Marathon — Cat People (Jacques Tourneur, 1942); The Curse of the Cat People (Gunther von Fritsch, Robert Wise, 1944); The 7th Victim (Mark Robson, 1943) Alton Towers is the place to be this Halloween if you like a good scare – or even just to celebrate the annual event with the family, as there’s something for everyone.. For the adrenaline junkies the park is open till 9pm which means you can ride the UK’s best coasters in the dark. • Best Screenplay We accept films from any genre of horror… SPLATTER, SLASHER & SUPERNATURAL! Vinse Street Unfortunately, I couldn't be there in person but was honoured that we won Best Horror Comedy, Best Ghost Story, and Best Actress for my film: The Final Ride! Some might walk away shaking their heads from the oddly ambiguous ending. Founded in 2008 here in Lexington, KY, the ScareFest has been operating for over 10 years. Also works from students & our local indie filmmakers are always wonderful and we love to promote our Kentucky Horror Filmmakers!! • Best Horror Comedy Coulrophobia sufferers will want to avoid this one. ... AVL Scarefest 2020 Is Cancelled. I will submit again because I know the potential of this festival. The Dissolve commentariat has been posting write-ups of horror movies all month (which are amazing and which you should read). Since 2006, Scarefest Scream Park has been the premier haunted house and hayride in metro Detroit offering four unique attractions, nightly entertainment, and Survive the Night haunted camping. Jan 23, 2016 - Explore The ScareFest Horror & Paranor's board "The ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. There comes a point where it just wouldn’t feel like The Scarefest without them. But if they watch our social media they would see that our fans scream for them! Many conventions will crowd in so many vendors that you can barely even get to their celebrities. • Best Supernatural/Ghost Story At the end of the day, the only thing that comes close to knowing we have made the fans happy is when so many celebrities tell us what a great experience they had working with us and meeting the crowd we bring in. Maybe? Please read the statement from our owner on our home page for details. The Alton Towers Scarefest horror mazes are open from 1pm to 9pm … . Lexington, Kentucky 40508 With the money received from submissions, an external hard drive capable of holding films should be easy to purchase. Alton Towers is pulling out all the stops for Halloween at its Scarefest 2020 event - including a terrifying new scare maze for thrill-seekers!. We have two running movie rooms going at all times and they are always full, plus we have partnered with the historical Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington for the past decade so if you want a lot of people to see your hard work we want to help. We have hosted hundreds of horror and paranormal guests over the last thirteen years, including names such as George Romero, Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, Kane Hodder, and many more! Creepy clowns and horror events go together like scones and jam - one would not quite seem the same without the other. Of course it does. Wasn't able to attend in person but what a great festival! Every year we ask our fans on Facebook and Twitter who they want to see at the convention. … For the Love of Horror. • Audience Choice Situated in an open-air space of the theme park, the new maze is inspired by Alton Towers' hugely popular Freak Show ‘scare zone’ which has featured at Scarefest in previous years. It has it’s weaknesses and there is a interesting twist at the end that viewers will either love or hate. 11,213 were here. With Scarefest celebrations taking place mostly at weekends, the larger number of park attendees means trying to fit all of the mazes and Scarefest attractions in addition to the park’s other rides etc. Planning is underway for our 2021 convention: Scarefest the 13th – RESURRECTION! What an experience For the Love of Horror was. The ScareFest is the nation's premier horror and paranormal convention. A short horror comedy set at The Scarefest annual Horror Film and Paranormal Convention. Fans travel from all around the country and even the world to come to Lexington, KY once a … Q: IS SCAREFEST SCARY? But if it means the fans leave a little happier for not having to stand in line BEFORE they stand in line then it is worth it! Scarefest Television ARCHIVE The Week In Horror History December 20 • Scariest Moment You understand that your submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into PHFF. We love to support independent filmmakers, students, & studios looking to showcase their work and anyone who is bringing innovation and excitement to the horror genre. Winners will also be featured on all social media same day, as well as ongoing promotion through all our social media platforms and website. Directed by Michael Casson, Harvey Somerfield. See more ideas about horror, convention, paranormal. Great communication, great staff, and from what I could tell from afar a very good lineup of films! We watch for names to pop up that we had not thought of and especially watch for names to pop up repeatedly. We will accept hardcopies in some cases. It is the largest horror and paranormal conference in the South. If you like or love scary movies or tv series, it will not disappoint. Scarefest prides itself on having an experience for every fear level. But for the most part it’s a strong addition to the horror genre. She has covered festivals and conventions around the country as press, including SXSW, PAX South and West, Dallas International Film Festival, Scarefest, Texas Frightmare Weekend, Comicpalooza, and more. Join us October 22nd – 24th 2021 at the Central Bank Center in Lexington KY.. Having to cancel our 2020 show was a crushing blow for us as it was for so many other fan expos and our attendees. We'd love to hear from you. Some people don’t understand why we do this. By submitting, you represent and warrant that you have full legal right and authority to submit the film/video project for consideration by PHFF, and that all necessary consents, licensing, and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. The Platinum Package was well worth it. • By submitting, you're giving us permission to exhibit your film at the event, and other screenings (such as promotional events, etc.). We are looking for films that haven’t been released, not available on YouTube or DVD and around 1-2 years old preferably. The Scarefest is always set up with wide aisles to promote as much traffic flow as is possible. We are an event ran by fans for the fans, bringing terror from around the United States into Kentucky. A night of Halloween fun turns into a nightmare for some friends who become the unwitting stars of a sadistic filmmaker's slasher movie. Our attendees want to see original and pioneering films and shorts. Due to COVID-19, all tickets must be pre-purchased online. I was completely bewildered. Independent films and low budget masterpieces are central to the Horror genre and so that’s what we to showcase to our audiences. The ScareFest is an annual Horror, Paranormal & Fandom Convention held every year at the Lexington Convention Center with several thousand local, out-of-state & international attendees. The festival itself is amazing and I urge anyone to attend this horror festival. Awards will be given in the following categories: From purchasing… We even have a few that come back year after year! Fans travel from all around the country and even the world to come to Lexington, KY once a year to meet their favorite celebrities. I would recommend Scarefest to any filmmaker in the horror genre. 2 reviews of The ScareFest "Every year it is a must to attend Scarefest. Online submission will be accepted through film festival platform FilmFreeway. Here’s mine, on Val Lewton. Directed by Lymari Graciano. Scarefest Newbie. We prefer to not have films readily available online to on current streaming services. The level of detail in some of the fan made costumes was insane (a female Hellraiser one in particular). With Comfort Clinton, Elena Delia, Tim Gauntt, Evan Hall. I'm not even entirely sure it played. Scarefest CyberCon Makes First Three Guest Announcements, Scarefest Adds CyberCon to 2020 Calendar: August 29, Throw Axes With The Stars at Scarefest 2020, Rob Mello & Scarefest 2020 Wish You a Happy Death Day This October, Barbie Wilde Returning to Scarefest 2020 for Hellraiser Reunion. For the Love of Horror 2021 promises to be an event to remember for Horror fans across the globe as we celebrate all things terrifying! In a way, I see it as US reflecting true life horror. No refunds are provided. • Productions cannot have been previously screened at the event. It also gets you into out VIP Party held on Friday night with music, drinks and all-around great time. Again, bewildering. Some of you would be wandering in late as the Goblin Market begins to wrap up. We are looking for new and fresh works to show our audiences and that’s what they’ve come to expect. Hosted at the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington, KY The ScareFest invites all those with a love for horror movies, Halloween and all things scary movie related. Main prize winner will also have their film featured during the event at the historic Kentucky Theater and promoted with proceeds going to the winner. Hard to leave a review, hate to leave anything not positive but...crickets. Filmed on location at The Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky, September 12-15, 2013. There was zero communication from the festival. T • Best Documentary The time and effort gone into making this convention a reality is also to be commended, the guys have done a great job! Although I didn't get to go to this festival, we had a great experience in having our film accepted and screened. More news about our new dates will be forthcoming. The Scarefest Horror & Paranormal FIlm Festival & Convention, Frameline: The San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival.