However, this is dispelled when the former object of his desire, Meulin, comes to talk with him. In it, Tex describes Gamzee’s fall as him seeing the story for what it is, and seeing his role of the goofy addict who’s obsessed with a silly clown cult. A Sylph of Breath would be an incredibly free-spirited individual who wants others to feel the freedom of self-reliance that they strive for. could you tell me the powers for a knight of rage? If you're here looking for my archives, I hope that you find what you're looking for! Once you understand your personality type, it's easy to identify other people's too. ・Lord Rage is one of the very few YouTubers who has impressed us in every way imaginable. The clearing is far behind you, and the smoke in the sky has been concealed by the dense canopy above. You will lose. thank you! The Makaras breed negative emotions, destroying others with them while remaining mostly immune to negativity themselves. She can sense something wrong, but she doesn’t know either. Character Analysis Samneric. When presented with the final piece of the Cod-Tier outfit for Gamzee, he appears to transform into a different person. They are life itself. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. hey! How many defend or attack his character as being both brilliant and an unwelcome joke? so i was wondering, what exactly does Sylph of Breath mean/entail? Your job is to recover the lost song that will allow you to save the Land of Typhoons and Melodies. ), and anything else you'd like to do based on my classpect if that's okay ^^. From their editing to the quality of their creative content, we have zero complaints! Disclaimer: All non-English versions of the website contain unofficial translations contributed by our users.They are not binding in any way, are not guaranteed to be accurate, and have no legal effect. Breath is the aspect of freedom, direction, and self-esteem. A Rogue of Rage, therefore, would be uncomfortable with negative emotions and strong passion in themself. When we meet him in Openbound, we learn from Aranea that following a terrible nightmare, he released a sound echoing the Vast Honk that deafened Meulin, allegedly causing Kurloz such distress that he sewed his mouth shut. Anglicized form of Old Norse Óðinn, which was derived from óðr meaning "inspiration, rage, frenzy". The Lord of Rage would use their power over Rage in whatever way they can, in order to achieve what they want. A Lord of Rage would be an extremely passionate person, they’re basically obsessed with their likes but more likely than not in a healthy manner. Metaphorical it represents self-destruction. They would be able to use the Powers of every other active Class of their Aspect. The journey of a Lord of Breath would revolve mainly around mastering the whims and wiles of Breath and using it to their benefit. They are self-destruction itself, there’s a good chance the Lord would not be on a good path in life. The Lord is the active master class. PERSONALITY: Lords are always very enamored with their Aspect, but have none of their opposite Aspect within them. and if its not too much trouble, a quest in the land of flames and forest? It ultimately developed from the early Germanic * Woðanaz . They are an embodiment of all negative emotions and … I made my icon and i can trace my background to here, A Lord commands their aspect or commands with their aspect, Rage is the aspect of negative emotions, resignation, and passion. His passionate rant to Gamzee shows his devotion to the cause of Lord English’s eternal rampage rather well. SOLEMNE DE IRA - The Lord floods the minds of every person around them with absolute anger, washing away everything that once was, leaving the victims trapped in a painful illusion which will feel so real that it causes physical damage. Once they’ve set their mind to something, it will get done one way or another. Please note that although this may be an accurate quiz, your result may not line up with your personality completely. A Knight of Breath would fear losing themselves to the common good if they actively participated in their team’s objectives. The Lord of Rage is the god damn best member of the White Session and better than you. You don’t stop running until you find yourself in the clearing again. A Lord of Rage becomes anger itself and has full mastery of it. Take a study break Every Book on Your English Syllabus Summed Up in a Quote from The Office. A circle of flames traps you in place, the heat boiling you alive. Find out with this quiz. A Rogue distributes their aspect or distributes with their aspect. If that's ok I mean! They’d find it difficult to bring others on board, but they’d keep trying and trying to have others rely on themselves more and more. Outside of the context of Homestuck, how many debates have you seen as to the morality of Gamzee Makara? Gamzee kills Nepeta and Equius, is temporarily reined in by Karkat, hides on the meteor, and in the retcon timeline, somehow ends up on Earth C to raise the cherubs, leading to him working alongside Caliborn, and eventually having half of his being absorbed into Lil Cal. They’d be the one to thank their server player for getting them into the medium, begrudgingly acting as a server player for the minimal time possible, and then getting as far away from their team as possible. Your job is to find whoever it was who started the inferno that did something you can’t explain to you on the Land of Flames and Forest. Lord of Rage personality. From reading the blurb, Lord of Rage appears to be inspired by “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” There is no other option. someone who shares my classpect. If I ever reblog something of yours that you don't want reblogged, please contact me and I will be happy to remove it, and/or refrain from reblogging anything from you in the future, at your request. I used to do classpects and other stuff, but I'm not about that life anymore. People can sense something wrong, but no one seems to know what it is for sure. In the final chapter, Roger and Jack sharpen a second stick. He doesn’t say much, due in no small part to his lips sewn shut following a traumatic experience with his former matesprite, Meulin Leijon. Realizing the errors of his ways, he takes the initiative and follows Doc Scratch’s words to truly help his Angel of Double Death, his god, to become all powerful. Gamzee’s calm demeanor seemed to provide half of his title’s meaning: Bard of Rage, one who allows the destruction of their aspect. He was extremely masculine and obsessed with mortality and destruction, and was very good at working in patterns, but he was really bad at creating things and trying out new stuff. Lords become an integral part of their Aspect and have complete control over their aspect, but they also have to go through a long journey to gain this level of power. Countless, endless, frustrating hours. In addition, both Rage players are destructive, meaning they mirror their aspect, making Hope appear to be focused on faith and religion. A Sylph of Rage brings passion to that person’s life, allowing them to fight another day for what they need to fight for. * KURLOZ: mime (The Joker from The Dark Knight clapping) #:o)MEULIN: (=^ω^=) < H33H33H33!!! Lord and Muse classes will not be included due to them only being assigned in. Their struggle may come from overcoming that and allowing themselves to work together while still promoting that being too reliant on others is bad for not just people, but for people that may potentially become gods. I read on the wiki that certain dialogs show a lord's personality. Possibly the most insidious character of all, the Muse of Rage sows the seeds of doubt and conflict with ease. (Sorry for the previous ask! Remember, Kurloz is always calm and collected, and Gamzee flits from rageful to impeccably calm with every sentence he speaks. He saw the twisted joke that the universe he helped create made of his faith, and he was alone, without Tavros, Karkat, or anyone else in his horrific vision of rapping juggalos and Faygo. Powers for a Lord of Space would be rather incredible. Rage is the aspect of negative emotions, resignation, and passion Sander Thomaes, a developmental psychologist at Utrecht University, is happy with Donald Trump. This increase in adrenal output raises the physical strength and endurance levels of the person and sharpens their senses, while dulling the sensation of pain. You hear nothing but the crackle of fallen leaves beneath your feet, but you remain attentive and vigilant throughout your constant slog. They’d have a gift for inspiring others, through direct use of powers or through just talking, to set themselves free and to be self-reliant. Since all these troops are either top-tier or very strong mid-tier soldiers, that gives such lords serious competitive adva… He goes to meet his fellow Hero of Rage, Gamzee, in a catacomb hidden from all others that networks into various dream bubbles. Rage is all about anger, passion, fear and falsity. Robin Yvette Allen (born February 6, 1968), known professionally as the Lady of Rage, is an American rapper singer, and actress best known for her collaborations with several Death Row Records artists, including Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the seminal albums, The Chronic and Doggystyle. Needless to say but the Lord of Life is powerful, very powerful. Finally, their (upgraded) outfit is breathtaking! They could teleport themselves or anything else to any location, not just in their universe, but in the entire multiverse! Abilities Nemesis. The Rogue themself remains mostly passive, acting from the sidelines while their compatriots take matters into their own hands, but there is no person more capable of giving people reasons to fight for a sole purpose. Their journey would have a lot to do with learning that you can’t do everything alone and that spending some time helping others isn’t always a bad thing. Listen to Lord Of The Flies by Rage, 909 Shazams, featuring on Rage Essentials Apple Music playlist. Gamzee and his capricious personalities are the mirthful messiahs of his religion, and Kurloz is an agent for both Gamzee and Lord English. Please consider reporting inaccuracies to or join our translation project! Lord - One who has complete control of their aspect, such as Caliborn, the Lord of Time, having incredible time-warping and time-traveling abilities. ✨, this ended up WAY longer than I thought itd be, when i dont have another 30 requests to get through, i may have gone a bit overboard with this quest, because i wrote out the entire analysis bit. This narcissism expert can make a … A Sylph heals their aspect or heals with their aspect. Trampled bushes and trees complete with comedic you-shaped holes in their trunks can be seen for miles behind you. Test your knowledge Take the Character List Quick Quiz. Gamzee had no delusions about what he was doing for Lord English after the meteor. They would not be opposed to negativity, however, and have a keen eye for knowing when it is appropriate to use negativity as a tool. Hey, it's me again. The potential land of a Knight of Rage might be … I'd appreciate some land ideas also (possibly smth involving snow/nature and related to aspect? Think the Cold War, but cranked up to a hundred. They can’t keep their mind from returning to the topic and can’t help but get excited by those thoughts. While most of your companions expressed that their entry into the Medium was relatively harmless, you found yourself almost immediately swept up in the turbulent storms ravaging your planet. Regardless, there is still plenty to go off of to explain why Rage is the aspect of fixation, fervor, passion, and negative emotions. #DID WE JUST TOKE ON SOME BAD NIP OR SOMETHING? Before he, got lack of a better phrase, went crazy on the meteor, he was a happy-go-lucky, drugged up, religious fanatic who took life as it came and didn’t question much. As such, their powers may leak into other aspects such as Time, granting them even more powers than they could ever use. Your denizen only played a part of the tune, and the rest has been lost to time. The powers of a fully realized Sylph of Breath may include setting another player’s soul free. I want to pick the "nice" dudes so that I can give fiefs to people and they don't nag me too much. Minor themes of temper, spite, and base instincts. You have to escape. The thing is, while they are in your court you are forced to recruit them or tell them off so you can't really ask them anything else and figure out what kind of lord … Add to library 27 Discussion 60. You need to escape. They’d love solitude and exploration and adventure, but they’d detest being stuck in one place with people. There might be an extremely difficult political situation between Prospit and Derse, which could very quickly lead to an destruction of the entire Incipisphere. Those experiencing rage usually feel the effects of high adrenaline levels in the body. This results in: In a Session with a Lord, their Aspect fights against their Session, any session with a Lord of Rage would be fought by the same Rage the Lord is supposed to control, This might manifest itself as extremely aggressive Dersites, Prospitians, underlings and Consorts. You (attempt to) politely excuse yourself from the village and head off toward the telltale sign of fire. The inversion of a Knight of Rage is a Rogue of Hope; one who passively redistributes positive emotion, harmony, and faith. You are the Knight of Breath on your planet, the Land of Typhoons and Melodies (LOTAM). Not only do they have complete control over their own negative emotions, but they also control those of others. One final aspect I’d like to look into before I wrap up this analysis is the additional meta-narrative implications of Rage. In the blink of an eye, the world transforms into a blazing inferno. A Lord of Rage would be very good at working under stress and using their anger to get results, but wouldn’t be able to see other possibilities other than the one they choose to take. 2 weeks ago Mírfaen . Lord of Rage is the second book in the 4-part “Royal House of Shadows” series by Jill Monroe, Gena Showalter, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh. A Lord commands their aspect or commands with their aspect. Their challenge is to use their passion constructively to help their team succeed. Then Lord of Breath Classpect. From what we know, Princes are a destructive class, known for destroying their aspect and destroying with their aspect. The name appears as Woden in Anglo-Saxon sources (for example, as the founder of several royal lineages in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle) and in forms such as Wotan , Wuotan or Wodan in continental Europe. As a passive Breath player, they may be able to grant the ultimate freedom to their team - flight. The winding and endless maze of trees seem to lead nowhere. There is no better example than Trump: he is a prototypical narcissist." Lord- one who commands and leads their aspect. Space is the aspect of creation, physics, and the present. All you need is some sign of heat, a flicker of red in the panorama of green and brown, even a scurrying animal would be enough to placate you. It is very usual for Lords to have a disconnect to their opposite aspect, at least at the beginning of their journey. Which One Are You? Gamzee, the more prominent of the two Heroes of Rage, is another destructive Rage player. Whether it be through encouragement or the totally-real magic, the Sylph of Rage can light the fire within. Imagine a student on break spending every moment of every day doing something, even if it only serves as a distraction from the approaching deadline; in the student’s case, school, and in the Knight’s case, the Reckoning. Kurloz, following the mold of a Prince of Rage, is an incredibly calm individual, seemingly lacking drive, motive, or passion for much when talking to Meenah or any of the other dancestors. The consorts look in awe. From there it becomes almost unnecessary to understand the rest of his story aside from the large moments. However, they provide enough information to demonstrate that Rage embodies the concepts of passion, fixation, negative emotions, and fervor. Most of what they do is predicated on either spite or passion, causing them to act impulsively with great conviction. ), what powers would a slyph of rage have? The Makaras aren’t the most transparent examples of Rage players given the tendency of Destructive classes to ghost their mirror aspect (in this case, Hope). Rage is the aspect of negative emotion, spite, determination, and passion. Please don’t tell anyone, 8ut I really can’t stand the guy.ARANEA: It’s pro8a8ly unfair to him 8ecause he is o8viously such a sweet and harmless fellow. Feeling down in the dumps like nothing you do matters? Add to library 54 Discussion 172. You are the Knight of Rage on your planet, the Land of Flames and Forest (LOFAF). From reviving the long dead to bringing inanimate objects to life. A Knight defend their aspect or defends with their aspect, Breath is the aspect of freedom and direction. Temporal perspective is also affected: people in a rage have described experiencing events in slo… Their journey revolves mostly around learning to accept that passion in themself and to use it wisely. A Lord of Breath may override that individual desire in favor of the Lord’s personal desires or beliefs. Sylphs are a healing class, so a Sylph of Rage would heal (with) Rage. FUCKING GREAT Heirs of Rage are devoutly passionate people, often easily swayed by their emotions in the moment, and impossible to control directly. The head becomes the Lord of the Flies with whom Simon has a hallucinogenic conversation. The winds do eventually die down long enough for you to find yourself in a rather secluded alcove in the side of one of the nearby mountains. The fury he follows up with mirrors the anger readers feel to the numerous ways Gamzee complicates canon. Next section Ralph. Rage can sometimes lead to a state of mind where the individual experiencing it believes, and often is capable of doing things that may normally seem physically impossible. Regardless, I see Rage as being more focused on passion and determination than faith. They speak of some great historical tragedy, but you can’t focus on their expositional ramblings. And while the classic god tier clothing would look like this…, Rage is the aspect of negative emotions, fervor, and passion. Overgrown trees conceal a clearing of small consort villages that has made homes inside of hollowed, dead trees. They could alter the size, speed, weight, and other physical properties of anything, thereby creating powerful allies and powerless foes. They are able to control fear, rage, spite, and pain. One, Hope has just as many, if slightly less prominent, references to religion, namely in the Angels that take form on Eridan’s planet. Additionally, the Makaras are masters of negativity, both in and out of canon. A lot of their time would be spent accomplishing every stupid task they could think of, fearing that some day, there would be a time where they won’t be free to do every stupid thing that comes to mind. (or if you have any land ideas for him you'd like to share), heyy, i did that one Classpect Quiz years ago and got the Sylph of Breath, and recently i did it again and got the exact same result! Make a moodboard & get an LOTR character. First, Rage has very intense religious themes. FOR ASKS: Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. They would be a severe case of a downer personality type. This is not the only object of passion that Kurloz possesses, however, for he is an acolyte of the Angel of Double Death and a follower of the mirthful messiahs. From our two Makaras, there’s a lot we can gather. The official text is the English version of the website. Unfortunately, this mentality allows them to be tricked easily, often leading to some Shakespearean levels of misunderstandings and, in worst-case scenarios, Shakespearean-esque massacres. Consorts of your planet have gathered to protect themselves from the devastating winds, but some of the eldest consorts speak of a song that resonated throughout the land and could dispel the winds once and for all. Whether this manifests as a speed boost or temporary invincibility, they’d be unstoppable until their goal was achieved. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. ・Lord Rage is the kind of channel you subscribe to because the personality emanating from each video is intoxicating. 2. It was nearly impossible to get out of the house with the winds slamming the doors to your house, but you eventually made it outside. They know no other way than to submit to the collective identity and will. How many people distrust his clown like appearance? They may put up a front of being laid back or simply uncaring about their team, but in reality, they’d be afraid that if they sacrificed their freedom for any group, they’d be stuck there forever. PS: Sorry, for my mistake, Can u plz do a classpect analysis or power analysis for a lord of Space, Good morning! To start off, they may have problems with controlling their anger, but their absolute command over the entire spectrum of negative emotions - from anger to despair to sadness - is inevitable. A Knight of Breath would begin their journey with very, very little concern for how well their team is doing. "I often use him during my classes. In most cases, however, Heirs of Rage care deeply about their friends and are driven to help whenever they can. How about you cover rage? They’d just want out as soon as possible, so being stuck in groups would be like torture to a Sylph of Breath. Extensive, research-backed profiles of 16 personality types: learn how different personalities approach romantic relationships, career choices, friendships, parenthood, and more. Something in the distance has caught your attention; a lingering gray trail of smoke in the sky. Would you mind doing a rogue of rage analysis please? Breath, being freedom, direction, and self-esteem, relies on one’s ability to do what they desire and what they believe is right for themselves and their team. Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. Lord of the Flies (Chap. A villainous Lord would become unquestionably powerful rulers, following their own whims by fueling their strength with the wills of others. A Lord of Rage would be very much controlled by their Rage, lashing out at people and holding grudges for a long time, but after a while of working on themselves they would not only learn how to control their own anger, but also how to manipulate the anger in others and how to put it to constructive use. They may tend to easily get caught up in the moment. 8ut something a8out him ru8s me the wrong way. This world's following to the dark lord of the flies So lost, set in this world, this island here in space We've found a way to bring it do 8 weeks ago Mírfaen . A Lord of Rage would be able to embody and therefore define Rage in the form of Anger, Passion, Fear and Falsity. Screw that! For example: Caliborn, the Lord of Time, was always very good at being time-y. Therefore, a Sylph of Rage would be able to balance the levels of Rage in allies and foes. They’d be incredibly creative and artistic, capable of creating masterpieces in any form without much thought. However, I’m hesitant to claim that Rage is an aspect of religion for two reasons. Weeds would shrink in their sight, and everything that they grow could flourish into their very own Garden of Eden. The reasons for including lords in this list are as follows: 1. Which is your class? Finding evidence in the canon of Homestuck for describing Rage is difficult as the two canon examples of Rage players are both destructive and therefore partially ghost Hope rather than portray Rage. A Lord of Breath would be a commanding individual, not just because Lords command. Driven, focused, and passionate about his religious obligation, he uses telepathy and what seems to be mind control to thank Meulin for her efforts. Lords are always very enamored with their Aspect, but have none of their opposite Aspect within them. In other words, taking their desires and dreams and wants and needs and granting them the confidence and energy to do whatever they need to do to fulfill those desires and dreams and everything else. Make a few choices and I'll match you to a Middle Earthen name that suits you ••• Personality quiz | Lord of the Rings | Elvish | JRR Tolkien. They are excited, almost ecstatic, in their signing to each other. Not to say that they’d hate their team - quite the opposite. One who commands and leads Rage. Lord of Rage aesthetic. An excellent video by Tex Talks called “A Meditation on Gamzee Makara” goes into the idea that Rage, taken outside of the framework of the comic, is an aspect of contrivance, of deus ex machina, and of the fury that comes from authors failing to fill in the plot holes that leave us wanting. You can’t tell anymore. An Heir inherits their aspect or inherits through their aspect. As powers go, I believe, like most classpetors do, that a Knight of Rage would be capable of entering a berserker mode where they channel any damage inflicted on them or any fatigue they may feel into dealing stronger, chaotic blows against their enemies. Lord of Rage creative-classpect: “ The Lord of Rage. Has it gone out? Kurloz hides his passion, destroying it in a sense, from others, but his motivation to help Gamzee and LE in any way never fades. It is their challenge to learn how to control their aspect, instead of having it control them, as well as to not only focus on their own aspect, but to broaden their horizon. My research is primarily focused on narcissism. His land is the Land of Typhoons and Melodies. “KURLOZ: I COME BEARING THEE FINAL JOLLY ACCOUTREMENT MY FAITHFUL INVERTEBROTHERKURLOZ: THY BARDLY REGALIA IS DONE AND FUCKING DUSTED BY THE SPECIAL STARS THEMSELVESKURLOZ: ON THIS DAY THE DARK CARNIVAL REJOICED AND SAID IT WAS MONEYKURLOZ: NOW BRING TO LIFE OUR WICKED RUSE WITH APLOMB MY NINJAKURLOZ: OUT LORD AWAITS YOUR SERVITUDE AND TUTELAGE AT ONCEKURLOZ: WE SHALL NOW BUST OPEN THESE BITCHIN ELIXIR FORTIESKURLOZ: AND POUR SOME SWEET SWILL OUT FOR THE SOULS WHO SOON WONT BE NO MORE”. At the same time, any enemies that are tunnel-vision about to attack someone can be persuaded or altered by the Sylph to take a chill pill and bring their passion to regular levels, making them slightly less dangerous. You see a vast landscape of dark mountains with various pipes jutting out at all directions, and some of them even appear to have openings near the bottoms. Aranea doesn’t trust Kurloz but can’t see why, and after using his powers on Meulin, she feels like she just came down from a bad trip. Rage: Control over anger and negative emotions. Their specialty is giving others the ability to be enraged, furious, or extremely passionate about something important, creating a situation where actions must be taken and there exist people with the drive to act. In addition, the aspects of Doom, Rage, Mind, and Blood have no human heroes, and Rage and Doom have the least emphasis placed on their characters. Now I mostly just post about Homestuck, everyone's favorite anime. Similarly, they may be able to focus their attention and passion into a tunnel-vision mode, in which the only things in their mind are themselves and their goal. The Lord rules negative feelings. He, however, has a more distinct split between his carefree attitude towards life and his literally undying passion for his religious crusade. In more empathetic and people-oriented Lords of Breath, the desires of others would be emphasized and explored as they continued to lead their team to victory and glory. Make a moodboard and get an LOTR character. Serenity greets you out of the first gate in the form of a calm forest. You look behind yourself to see a trail of destruction in your wake. Male-only. Rage - Lord of the Flies (Orchester Version) Lyrics. A collection of my rage moments playing lords of the fallen I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WALKING OVER HERE. Rage-major themes of anger, fear, falsehoods, pain, passion, and negative emotions. Official website for The Lord of the Rings Online™ with game information, developers diaries, frequently asked questions and message boards. In the comic, Gamzee’s black advances on Terezi lead her to question everything about herself, leading her down the road that ends with John retconning the comic after [S]GAME OVER. He simply focused everything he was, all the potential he was squandering, into his work. The Lord of the Flies comes to symbolize the primordial instincts of power and cruelty that take control of Jack’s tribe. Finally, their god-tier attire is breathtaking! For example, his plot armor is described by Hussie’s in-comic avatar saying “you can’t keep down the clown.” I love the theory and I recommend that anyone interested should take a look, but in terms of the aspects within the comic, my points still stand. Of course, as we all know, that’s not how the story goes. Hours pass. Get an answer for 'What is a significant quote from chapter four of Lord of the Flies by William Golding that either reveals the character's personality or a theme/message?' I guess I can just 8e a little petty sometimes.”. For their allies, they can grant extra energy to be directed towards their foes. As one of the two Master classes of one of the two cardinal Aspects, a Lord of Space would be an incredibly powerful entity.